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Dinner Table Time

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There are a few different components included here in this e-book:

The frst section is a list of 240 conversation starters to use at the table to develop relationships and generate meaningful and interesting conversations with your family.

The second section is the list in a generic calendar format, so you don't have to choose which conversation starter to use on which day. I have tried to make it easy for you. I have made 12 calendars with 20 quotes on each calendar.

The third section is all of the conversation starters on their own cards. Having the conversation starters on cards enables you to take them anywhere with you.

The fourth section is the family journal. You can print out the journal pages that you want to use and bind it in anyway that works for your family. You can use it every night, once a week, or only on special occasions to share your thoughts, memories, ideas, goals, draw pictures, etc. Everyone can take part and contribute something special. This will become a wonderful addition to any family memory book.